Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reflections and in days to come....

I think back to when I started my Blogging journey. {2008, Wordpress, during Presidential Election, while starting a new job}

My life was "simple". 

I wrote with "passion", for lack of a better word. 

I was sarcastic and funny, honest and I was told

I had a great teacher.{Heather Armstrong}

I wrote about life in general and everyday happenings...with a passion.
Then I wrote about my Faith and my journey and purpose through life....with a passion. 

Soon after Motherhood entered my life and I took that on and wrote about my son and being a first time Momma...with  a passion. 

And now.... all of the sudden

I'm lost. 

Lost, confused. 

Awe stricken and in shock! 

Dramatic a bit?

I mean. Surely, I have plenty of topics to discuss, many "great" thoughts to jot down, "creative" ideas and "fascinating" stories to share. 

Surely! {Ha.}

I mean. 

I just spent 8 weeks at home..."finding myself", recouping and adjusting to life as a Momma of Dos. Voy a creer que no tengo nada de que habldar? No puede ser. {Whoa. What just happened?}

Se me salio lo Mexicana. No entiendo. {Ha.}

I am searching for "me". 

As cliche and played out as that may sound....but I am. I think we have many great opportunities to seek, ourselves, to dig deep inside and figure out who we many times as needed, to recreate who we are and what we want to become, many great opportunities to change and connect.  

I know who I am, I know what and who I love....I just need to start creating it, writing it, Blogging about it all, and making sense of it. 

Life goes on. 

Life is life. 

I am a "normal", "average" and an everyday Momma, Wife and Employee. I know though that God has created me to be EXTRAORDINARY and Purpose filled...and that is what I am after. Now as a Momma of Dos...I feel more encouraged, motivated and inclined to seek that Super Mom within me and allow her to grow and shine!

I know I can connect with some or most or a lot of Mom's out there.... even to single Mom's at times {with my Hubby being a student and employed full-time/part-time}.  And, that is what I am after. I was to inspire and aspire! We are more than just Mommas, Wives, Students and Employees.... we are Great Women created in an Image of God. With Faith, Love, Hope and Strength.

In the days to come; I will go back to work, create a new routine, find better ways to be more organized, find new strength to get it ALL done, renew my Faith, seek Him, and work on Me.

On my Momma con Fe Blog I wrote about seasons...and this is a new one for me... a good one, I hope. 

Welcome to my world as a Momma of Dos..the journey will get a little bumpy {with ups and downs, good and bad times, obstacles and difficulties} so fasten your seat belt..and know that it should be an enjoyable loving and faith-filled journey none the less....and that even though I may fail..because I am human....I will never loose hope... hope in God, myself, my family, or my friends...

Life goes on...and in the end...IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS PEOPLE! 


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