Monday, June 6, 2011

[30 IN 30]

There are probably many others but here are 30 place I want to go....{any time in the future!}

{30 places in the next 30 years...Ha.}

  1. Mexico { long as it's safe... Eeeekk.}
  2. Peru {Machu Picchu to be exact}
  3. Disney Land {In California?}
  4. Disney World {In Florida..can never get those right, for the know..HA.}
  5. Sea World {San Antonio/ with my kids and Hubby!}
  6. Vegas Baby! {Just the Hubs and I, we've never been!}
  7. New York City {Just to see what all the hype is about!}
  8. Chicago, IL. {cause the Hubby really wants to go}
  9. To visit my Aunt Lola in Detroit Michigan {WANT TO SO BAD}
  10. New Mexico {For the style}
  11. Italy {Would  be nice.}
  12. Spain {Seems romantic}
  13. Canada {For the snow eh'}
  14. Miami {Never been}
  15. California
  16. Hawaii
  17. Washington, DC {To see the White House!}
  18. Harpo Studios {Would love to see where all the magic happens!}
  19. Nashville, Tennessee
  20. Cuba {Maybe, if I wasn't so scared...}
  21. Vatican City
  22. La Catedral Metropolitana, el Zócalo, México D.F.
  23. France {Paris?}
  24. Greece
  25. To the Ellen DeGeneres Show
  26. To the BEACH!!!!! {With my kids and Hubchub!} 
  27. Camping!!!!! {With family and friends!}
  28. To anyyyy MUSEUM, anywhere!!! {Especially Children's Museums}
  29. To the Zoooooo with my kids, anywhere!!!
  30. Aquarium? Not in Houston tho....
That one was easy enough... on to the next day! Ha.

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