Sunday, June 5, 2011

{Random 30}

This list is a list of 30 but split in TWO. {Ha.}

List will be composed of the 15 things I have with me at all times and 15 things I don't have ever! 
{30 with and without!}

1. I always wear my wedding band and engagement ring. 
2. Always have my cellphone! 
3. I always have keys; House, Car, Work, etc. etc. 
4. A hair tie or clip. {If it gets hot and I can't stand my hair in my face!}
5. Glasses; I always have to wear my glasses or contacts. 
6. A pen. 
7. These days; wipes. 
8. Tylenol or some type of pain medication. 
9. Some religious article {Rosary, pocket devotional, my Bible}
10. Debit card. Although sometimes....I have no money.. {Ha.}
11. Water; either for myself or for my son.
12. My drivers license.
13. My Camera. Especially on the weekends.
14. Tweezers.
15. Receipts.
16. Never have CASH....any kind... ask my co-workers...HA.
17. Mirror
18. Make-up. I only wear it to go out so it stays at home.
19. Jewelry; other than my wedding band..I always forget to put it on...these days at least.
20. Pictures; other than on my cell phone and camera.
21. A little notebook to jot down numbers.
22. Lip stick.
23. A hair brush.
24. My passport. {never got it... eeekkk.}
25. My social security card. {lost it.}
26. Some women carry deodorant or perfume...I never doooo. I should
27. Hand sanitizer...I should!
28. A camcorder; does anyone?
29. An I-pod. Don't own one.
30. My work badge. {one time I lost it for months... it was in my purse wallet in a compartment that I never open! HA.}

This was a for fun list, very random and still not as easy as you would think....

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