Saturday, June 4, 2011

[30 sounds of 30]

Man. I have to go way back for this one! 

Here goes nothing....

{30 Songs from my 30 years}

These are not in any order:

1. Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby....
2. Kris Kross will make you jump...jump...
3. Me Amaras {Ricky Martin}
4. Agua Nueva {Christian Castro}
5. Hammer Time....
6. En Vogue....Free Your Mind
7. Black or white... 
8. Boyz II Men...Water Run Dry
9. I'll be there.....
10.No Scrubs. TLC
11.The Boy is Mine....
12.Are you that Somebody
13.Hanging Tough
14.Un Millon de Rosas. 
15.Como la Flor {Anything really by Selena}
16.Mi Corazoncito {Romeo}
17.Todo Cambio {Camila}
18.Jesus Take the Wheel
19.Waiting on the world to change
20.La Tortura
21.Blessed and Highly Favored
23.Lose my Soul
24.I am not Forgotten
25.Friends in Low Places
26.Big Enough
27.I am not who I was
28.You Found Me
29.The Reason 
30.Truly Madly Deeply    

There are SOOO many MORE!!!!!!!!! 


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