Monday, June 13, 2011

{30 things I like to do}

I had to do easy lists since I am behind a couple of days...

Here we go:

{30 things I like {love} to do}

1. Well DUH. I love to BLOG.
2. I love to share.
3. I love to talk!
4. I LOVE spending time with my Family {Hubs, Cami and Santi-most the time}
5. I love creating. 
6. I love crafting {Or "Hobby-Lobbying" as my Husband loves to call it. He gets a kick out of it!}
7. I love shopping for my craft projects.
8. I love to EAT!
9. I love to write.
10. I love reading and will pick up a new book soon! It's a must!!
11. I love thinking of new ideas...
12. I love watching my favorite shows on TV {Come on Idol, Big Bang and Biggest Loser!}
13. I love searching for new Blogs! {I've made a couple of consistent Bloggy finds!}
14. I love to Daydream! {I'm a Dreamer...::sigh::}
15. I love taking pictures of my children and sharing them.
16.  I love taking my kids to the park!
17. I love quiet alone time.
18. I love to sleep in...although I have not done that much lately! {Not that I can't but my body just wakes up everyday at 5:30 no matter what is going on! }
19. I love dressing my little Cami up and taking her out with me!
20. I love running around in my backyard with my son!!
21. I love talking to my Husband about what we will do in the future {God willing that is....}
22. I love planning PARTIES!!!!
23. I love talking on the phone with my sister and my mom....
24. I love browsing websites for new blog design ideas.
25. I love walking in our neighborhood and meeting new neighbors.
26. I love to dance...although we haven't gone in a long time.
27. I love to help others and volunteer...haven't had much time the last almost 3 years.
28. I love organizing events {I have a good one in the works}
29. I love going to Church with my family.
30. I love being me and bringing smiles to peoples faces!

Whew! Next one... 

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