Monday, June 13, 2011

{30 things I saw today!}

Today I saw {Really it's from my weekend!}:

1. A Yorkie. I [heart] Yorkies! They are soo my favorite doggie!
2. An awesome Camera..I so wish I had!
3. Ants. All over my Diaper bag....
4. Cupcakes. They were good.
5. Doritos. I had not had them in a while.
6. Cash. I hardly ever have cash! 
7.  A new home. [Not mine. I wish!] 
8. A cute pair of sandals I want for Cami.
9. An Olive Garden bad.....{drooling}
10. Pink Toe nails.
11. A messy house. {Mine of course! It was horrible}
12. A clean kitchen after 2 days of mayhem!
13. A finished photo project.
14. A cute shirt. I need new clothes.
15. An awesome car.
16. A freeway.
17. Pretty flowers in the entrance of our neighborhood.
18. A messy garage.
19. A tiny grill.
20. A big grill.
21. Swim gear.
22. A cute haircut, not mine!
23. Did I mention Cupcakes..yes both days..they were good...but bad for me!
24. Coke. {Nuff said}
25. Violet {Puppy Pal}
26. Determination.
27. Consistency.
28. Faith.
29. Love.
30. My unpolished nails {hands and toes!}

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