Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Thankful Thursdays} LINK UP!

This week I am most Thankful for:

Sorrows {Without them I'd have no need to fall to my knees and be reminded of WHY I am here...of WHO my purpose is.}

Smiles {My kids have some of the best ones...see for yourself!}

Speech Courses {Without them, I wouldn't be reminded of how much I am needed and depended on as a Wife.}

Pain {It just brings everything into perspective. Really it does.}

"Like-Minded Women" {I am going through a lot right now and having these ladies in my life makes things all the more enjoyable!}

What are you Thankful for this week?


Anne-Marie said...

Great post, Connie. I loved the sorrow one. It's sad, but true that we tend to fall and stay on our knees longer and more fervently when we are filled with sorrow or despair. I am thankful that the Lord pulled me through the last year and that my son is healthy.

black tag diaries said...

what a good list this week... you are so right about sorrow and pain... sometimes it's hard to remember to actually be thankful for those things... and like-minded women... couldn't make it through without them.