Monday, August 15, 2011

But, How do you know?

You know when you're little and your head fills with ideas, goals and fantasies about what you want to be when you grow up? I thought I knew. Some people just know. 

When it came to Motherhood; I knew I wanted to one day be a Mom but I never saw it as a "career" choice for me. It was always something extra...a perk if you will.

And, I started my life journey at, jobs{sssss}, love, community, involvement, growth, faith, marriage, friends, hobbies....

But, it's not until I start that quiet journey in my house during nap time...of picking up the sea of toys that seems to never end, the mysteries under the couch, the stuffed animals {friends of Santi} in the big blue tent sitting in the middle of my living room, arranging the books on the shelves, putting tiny socks in the washer, and cleaning up Cheerios and spilled milk off the floor that I think....

When I grow up..I want to be a Momma.

And poof! 

I am. To, TWO beautiful children. {Blessed, I know}

But, I never thought I would be. I never thought THIS would be me. I never thought I could enjoying being a Momma the way I do. My now, one and ONLY career of choice! Because, I may not be a Stay-at-Home Momma but I am a full-time Momma and I am so happy that this journey {God & life} has given me such an amazing career!

How about you...did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you ever imagine to be where you are now?

I sure didn't....


 More and More...! 

Great Monday All. 

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