Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{Marriage} ♥

I figure June was about Me {and turning the B-I-G 30!}. August will be about my Husband. {Not only is our 5 year Anniversary this month, but so is his 32nd Birthday! {Yes, I know he is OLD! HA. I joke.}

I know that no relationship is perfect....

But, what makes a relationship work?

Not only are relationships not perfect but neither are people ::insert horribly fake surprised face here:: {HA.}

I know this...trust me..I know. 

What I have learned in my  FIVE years of Marriage {and 12 years on this journey with my Husband}is this:

Communication is Key, but Silence is truly is Golden {How do they say...know when to pick your fights...oh.boy. is this true.}

You must be sincere. No room for being selfish. Life is no longer about you. {It's about TWO!}

It's about TWO {becoming ONE}. IT'S ABOUT TWO. {In Marriage NO MATTER what; you leave everyone EVERYONE else behind and become TWO. NO ifs, ands or buts about it. No joke.}

Truth. It ALWAYS comes out. If you lie. You are only, ONLY lying to yourself. There should be NO hiding. 

When it comes time to face a problem. You face it. There is no where to run...{other than to God}

You have to be consistent. In what you DO {actions speak louder than words}, in what you say, and in what you expect.

You can't change HIM. He can't change YOU. You are who are. You are with one another. You've accepted that. 

You must be persistent. In your Love and in your FAITH.

With Truth comes Transparency. You have to humble yourself and be trustworthy....

Respectful. Above all. In this day and age Social Networks consume our everyday.... You show respect to yourself and to your spouse at ALL times, no matter what.... or it could come back to haunt you.

Use kind words. Once more. Respectful towards one another. Especially in front of others...

You work TOGETHER towards a common GOAL. We can't each have a separate agenda. {And, our agenda was set forth 12 YEARS AGO. From the beginning we knew that this point that we are at now is where we wanted to be...TOGETHER.}

Together-ness. In ALL that we do! We don't have different schedules. We don't have TWO different families. We have each others backs and we MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER. {Now with children we realize we have to stay strong as a unit, so that our children have a consistent and persistent upbringing. We realize that we will accomplish more UNITED rather than divided!}

Above all we are friends. We talk. We laugh. We live. We share. We dream. We plan. We worship. We praise. We pray. We sing. We fall in love. We have fun. We love on another. We support one another. We are here for one another. There is NO one, no girlfriend, no Mom, no Sister, no Dad, no friend, no co-worker, no Brother, no classmate, no acquaintance that we ever place before God or before each other. He is all I have, and I am he has...that's how we have made it work! 

We have found that GOD has really brought us here. We Love Him and follow HIM, no matter what path he leads us down...because in the end we KNOW that we are NOT ALONE. Never. Ever.

We have FAITH. We have HOPE. Above all we have LOVE.

{Trust me we are NOT perfect....ever.....}

We work at our marriage EVERYDAY. Every hour, every minute, every second.... We WORK TOGETHER at it!!! Just like anything else in life...it's a true WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!

Our want{Love}, need {FAMILY} and ability {GOD} to work at our relationship is what has kept us together for 12 years....

[ I am sure there are many OTHER lessons I have learned....it's been 12 years...there have been many...these are the ones that I can remember right, right now.... ]

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