Monday, August 1, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau {Movie Review} Double Post Monday

{I don't think I have done this lately, or really more than a couple of times....BTW, I don't get ANY type of compensation for doing this...It's just for fun!}


Matt Damon.


Ha. But no, really!

And with his wife...

I mean...seriously...AH-MAY-ZING!

Ok, done now. 

What movie?

Oh yes, yes. {Ha. Ha.}

This movie was more than amazing. And, not just cause of the above mentioned.

This movie. This movie.


Purpose, Fate, Free will.

God, Angels..and did I mention Matt Damon?

My Husband and I sat down after a LONG week...a LONG week...A crazy couple of days and exhausted as an understatement and said....we may just fall asleep. Less than half way through the movie we were hooked and by the end of the movie. We wanted more!

I am not even kidding. Ricardo wanted to know what others thought. If I thought the Catholic church would approve.

This movie just affirmed our FAITH in Christ and HIS PLAN and PURPOSE for us to the HUNDREDTH power!

Without spoiling the movie...

We thought it was a Government/Mystery/Thriller... but OH.BOY. Were we wrong. It's a GOD/Divine Purpose/Faith-seeking/THRILLER! {It does have some politics involved but it just affirms the movie as a whole!}

The movie discusses Angels and God's plan for our lives...and the role that fate and free will plays in it all.

I loved it.

My Husband loved it.

We needed it.

It just reminded us that we ARE here because of HIM. That the choices we make will affect the outcome of our lives BUT that when we make GOOD choices those that God tugs at our hearts with constantly, then we can change the course of our plan but ultimately HIS plan is working and moving right along!

It's a romantic LOVE story.

Definitely not for children, as it has strong language and some sexual content...

But, for mature, Faith-seeking adults..I think a TOTAL MUST!!!!

I totally. {We totally} Give it an:

A++ For just being truly amazing!

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Marcela said...

I am so in love with Matt Damon!!!!