Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday{Fun day?}

Ha. Monday...a FUN DAY?

It could be I guess...

This morning I left my house thinking...

I threw the load in to dry, I set the dishwasher, and rinsed the bottles, took the trash out, turned off all the lights, set the AC to 75 {per Hubby's request}, sent the kids off with my Husband {Did he take the wipes?}, got car seats back in my truck, drop off dry cleaning before work and pray a little morning prayer...
Good Morning Monday! Hello new week!!!! New MONTH!!! My day has begun!

How busy is your Monday?

{Goal list for August 2011}
  • I am on a new venture to get a daily routine and schedule going!
  • To get more organized!
  • And, to start preparing for my sons 2ND Birthday Party!!! {!!}
For those of you who know...


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