Monday, August 8, 2011

Mexican Baby's Diet {No, en serio...}

This weekend I got an idea for a post as I fed my Lil'Momma...

I wrote something about it HERE. But, not sure if I have ever expanded on it.

So, we know that I am Mexican. Mi familia es Mexicana. Mis hijos son..pues MEXICANOS! {HA.}

No fighting it...

Here is proof:'s true that you ARE what you EAT.

We are we eat Mexican..not people..the food! {Hehe...a little Mexican humor!}

Ever since my son started eating "solids"..more like "mushies"... he has been eating Mexican food or homemade food. {Pozole, Caldo de Res, Arroz con Frijoles negros, Bolillos, Tortillas con sal, Crema y queso fresco, Sopes, Elote en vaso, Barbacoa, Sopa de fideo con platano, Carne Asada, etc etc..yes most is not that good for you but homemade it's a little better than store bought.} We have made it a point not to make our children into fast food or processed food a PERFECT world that would have completely happened...don't get me wrong.... My kids do eat healthy homemade meals but EVERY once in a while..Momma is tired and Daddy gets home late, so those nights we allow not only ourselves but our kids as well to eat processed foods...more so than fast food.

We have planned meals most weeks and on days when things don't go as planned we make things like:

Frozen Pizza{Usually's pretty good} , Mac'n'Cheese {Classic favorite, sometimes I use the box and others, I make my own..just pasta shells and Velveeta cheese, super easy} and Instant soups {Spicy ones for us and non-spicy for the kids}....

These are actually pretty good {They have several flavors and there are other brands} :

One of the most used processed food in our home is BEANS. {Duh.} This brand is actually pretty good:

As for fresh fruits and veggies....

We eat them all!

Some of my son's favs are:

Watermelon, Bananas, Blueberries, Cherries, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Pineapples, Melon, Platano Macho and Grapes.

He will eat just about any Vegetable; Carrots, Chayote, Sweet Potato, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, you name he loves it. Raw or cooked! With Italian dress or without! He also loves Lemons and Limes!

When he was little I simply boiled or baked {baked it better!} and then mashed them up and gave them to him...NO SALT. NO EXTRA CONDIMENTS. Just the veggie or fruit.

I didn't take any pictures of the food. But, I love making them all for Santi and now for Cami!

Also, Santiago also loves CHEESE and Yogurt! LOTS! It's another thing we got him used to since he was a baby...but he loves Doritos and Kool-Aid the who know what he will be like in the future; I do know that he will NOT eat chicken nuggets or hamburgers from any fast food restaurant and he will NOT eat any type of canned pasta! He definitely knows the difference and that was what we wanted to get at when we started him on "mushies".

He also loves fries but we limit them from fast food places and bake our own instead. He has only been inside of a  McDonald's once and once to Chuck-e-Cheese. We don't want to totally deprive him of the world but we want him to know that he has options and that home cooking for the most part is cheaper and better for you.

We also limit sodas, sweets and too much bread or tortillas. We cook most meals with Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Or as Rachel R. like to call it..the good'ole EVOO} and we try not to fry to much, our oven is used often and we cook as a family! {Clean up is all Momma's! HA.} 

On top of that both of my kids are super active...Santi could spends days at the park and never get tired!

And, we drink lots of water and don't go a single day without it...

And trust me, we do eat junk food but try REALLY hard not to! We try to be as healthy and active as our busy Momma and Daddy lives allow us to.....

Is your baby a Mexican baby?

{Again, I receive NO compensation what so ever for any type of product advertisement.}

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