Wednesday, January 25, 2012

{M.I.A.} on the B.L.O.G

One of my biggest challenges {motivations} for 2012 is fueled by "that" word... you know the one.... the "C" word...


Change requires a lot of different steps {& personal effort}. I think.

First off, you have to realize what it is you want to change {one thing at a time cause it doesn't happen over night and if you put too much on your plate... you will end up overwhelmed. Just sayin'}

Once you know you want to change something you are fully admitting and taking responsibility for that "issue" in your life, that "trouble spot" if you will {these spots sometimes hinder your life in big ways and you don't even know it}.

Moving On.

You then put thought into the change; device a outline, goals, to-do list in order to accomplish this change. Example: I am fat. {I am. Not being mean just real!} I know I am fat. I accept it. I want to eat better and exercise {definitely has NOT happened BY.THE.WAY.} My plan: I will buy more fruits and veggies and create a whole new eating schedule and meal plans. I will replace all evil with good. {Like drink lots of water instead of Dr. Pepper all day! Just sayin'...} I will in addition make it an absolute point to exercise at least TWICE  a week {cause we don't want to get overwhelmed ::wink wink::}.

So, once I have thought about it and said, "hmmm this is what I will do." I then put my words in action. Make it happen. Do what I said I would do...but then, I am set back..placed right back at step one..thinking..mediating. Deciding that what I am doing is really good for me, that it's what I really all, talking it over with not only yourself but God {and your Bestie, she will have some real insight!}. I know what I want to do, but what will come from it, aside from a killer bod, I and  inner strength! What will I do to make my change last, how will I keep up with what I have learned and continue to apply it in my everyday life? What does it really mean to me? Who is here for support? {Support and prayer to me is a big part of all my current changes..more so prayer...}

It's this time, this mediation time that requires...well time. Hence the M.I.A. I am finding myself going back to what I said I would do more this year...and yes..I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit but I don't care and I don't want to give up! I insist that change, CHANGE is what God has placed in my heart! Deeply rooted and planted...waiting to be watered and fertilized for TRUE growth that will endure and overcome... any stormy day!

But, no worries... I will overcome and move on... move forward and attempt to keep up...2012 is the YEAR!

I can feel it....

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