Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} LINK UP! ♥

It's Thursday!!!! You know what that means!!!


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Here we go:

{"Well-Behaved" Children} Duh. Who isn't? But, you see I have a rambunctious terrible 2 and a feisty sneaky 10 month old. I am always, always fearing being "that Momma", "that family", "those parents" with "those kids". I don't care too much about judgement but it just takes a lot out of me ...physically. Lately though we noticed that going out to eat at an actual sit down restaurant with people in it, has become easier. Yes. That word doesn't really belong in our vocabulary these days..but it has been. Cami and Santi have been very well behaved at our last TWO dinners out in public. They do great in shopping carts at grocery stores but eating out was one of our least conquered fears but I think it's safe to say...we've overcome! I am proud of us, my kids and our faith in them.

{A New Day} This year is all about CHANGE as you may have read in my previous POST, but it's amazing how when you pray about it, go to bed and wake up with new Hope...things really do look better, seem better and get better! I think perspective and truth are everything...get some...of both...and life will  be that much sweeter...

{Thursday's} I have always been scared to "link up" and share my Blog with too many people, what if I can't keep up, what if I can't come through with a good post, what if no one likes me but they don't know how to tell me not to link up to their blog....well when I decided to join the Thankful Thursday Link Up I let go of all the what-if's and moved on to the what-IS! And, what has been, is a great experience and opportunity to meet and chit-chat with many awesome Bloggers...all over the US. I love that. I love my little Blogging community that has formed over the years... everyone is just awesome!

Well, what are you Thankful for today???

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black tag diaries said...

i'm always so glad when you link up on thursdays! it really does make my day! and it's really amazing to see how the Lord uses different people and bloggers to speak to us, just when we need it. i hope you have a fabulous weekend!!