Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreaming A Little Dream ♥ {I'd a done a lot of things different...}

It's one of my favorite country songs.

Point is. I am currently not a Stay@HomeMomma, but if I were I realize that...I'd have to do a lot of things different... A LOT!

For one. My schedule. I realized that when I know I am staying home, I wake up a little later than usual. Just because I want to catch up on rest and sleep that I don't get much of when I have to wake up and go to work everyday. But, then I wake up late and that results in lots of frustration later in the day...for my whole family. Not just me.

Another thing is plans. I'd have to plan my days a little better. These days when I stay home during the week. I wing it. See what does...or most days DOESN'T happen. I'd plan work days {for me to get crafty and work on  my future business}, I'd plan lunch with Daddy or someone else who is just as interesting, I'd plan days of outings like to the Houston Zoo or Children's Museum, I'd plan days of learning {the kids are I think on track but I know could use a boost!}, I'd plan days of nothing actual days when we sat and watched movies. I'd also plan dinners and Momma time. Much needed I am sure!

A big one would be help. Even if I did stay home I would still need some help. As of now, my Aunt comes by every once in a while and cleans my house, she hasn't been in over 2 months and I have managed just fine but it's the little extra help that makes for a huge difference. We also currently pay someone to do our yard and clean up outside, which is VERY helpful as my Hubby and I are so busy during the week! I would also need a Personal Assistant/Nanny, yes, trust me I have thought this out pretty well. I would need help with bills, my schedule and the kids on my "work" days. We would also need someone who we can pay and rely on to watch the kids on Date Night, also much needed. {Granted that all this is financially attainable, I like to dream big, I would so totally do and the Hubby agrees that we would need extra help!}

Me time. As I mentioned before would definitely be planned; I have though started this year off fairly well and had a least 3 girls nights already; Church, Movies and Dinner! Very important. I love crafting and writing and reading so I'd definitely have to find time to do that as well as get all my Momma/Wife duties done. Especially if I plan on making a job out of my ideas and Blog. I am really thinking big in 2012.

As of last night I started a new weekend routine. I usually wait until Sunday night to do laundry and weekly organizing but I don't want to have that anymore, it's so tiring. So, I started doing clean up and laundry last night and now we have Sunday open. For church and family time. {Confession time.} I have not been to church in about 2 months, NO BUENO. Ricardo and I want to get back on track though!

Like I said at the beginning of the year...CHANGE. Now it's all about the doing not just the saying!

Happy Saturday All.

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