Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} Link Up!

Is it crazy that it was only Monday and I was already writing my post for Thursday! I know a LOT can happen between Monday and Thursday but I just want to get my list started ....

Thankful Thursdays Button

This week I am most Thankful for:

{G.N.O} That's right GIRL'S NIGHT OUT. Not like most would think tho. This was a Blessed girls night out! And, I loved it. Every year KSBJ, Houston's local Christian Radio station hosts a "G.N.O". I went two years ago with one my Bestie's Casey. Couldn't go last year, I think I was super preggers or something... And, this year...WOW. Captured. Captivated. Changed and Beyond Blessed. Those were the words in my mind as I drove home I went with another one of my Bestie's Yvonne. All I can say is, IT WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT. Amazing.

{Sunday Night Races} That's right. This past Saturday was my Nephew's 2nd Birthday, we had the party  at the park in my neighborhood. So, Sunday everyone came over for the all famous Mexican recalentado {basically we eat up all the leftover food from the night before and since everything has to be re-heated..well we call it...recalentado!} It was a great weekend. I am so Thankful for a Sister and a Beautiful God given Nephew, a brother to my Dos. Not sure how it all started but everyone was so full and in need of some sort of exercise, so my Husband suggested racing each other....IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! SO MUCH.

{Exercise} Yes, you read correctly, that's not a typo. I actually said I am thankful for exercise. After your shock of "YOU? CONNIE, YOU EXERCISED?" thought runs out, here is what happened...I want to make all these changes {baby steps remember} well Sunday night after all that racing I felt good and late at night while I was in the middle of house chores I took a break in my room to exercise. It was good oh, 20 minutes, hey don't laugh, it was a really productive 20 minutes. Anyway. Every time I did a sit up Camila would come and lay across my stomach, she was being super sweet and supportive of her Momma. I loved it. I was spending time with her and working out, nothing better than that!

What are you Thankful for this week??