Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Date Night} ♥ Anniversary Edition

It's been 13 years; the Hubby and I, know each other....pretty well. We started off as "my cousins friend" and the "cousin who just moved here from the valley". Although my Husband says it started way earlier than the college years... He was my Cousin's Best Friend still is {we are Compadres to this day}... I was the cousin who would visit Houston from the Valley...South Texas to be exact... Mission. When I was about 15, Ricardo was about 17 my cousins, my siblings and myself went to the apartments Ricardo lived in with his family to swim, they had the "better pool". I maybe, glanced at him and said Hello. I was 15. I was really a whatever kind of girl, much like now. 3 years later I came to Houston to start college, I was 18; Ricardo was about to be 20.  

His family and friends called him "Flaco", he was a good ol' Mexican kid from the Southwest side of Houston, 19 years old and pretty cute. All I wanted to do was study and have no life, I wasn't too keen on guys and whatever it was their idea of fun was. My Momma taught me to keep in line and walk the path.... or else...she'd warned me about boys like Ricardo..... I listened to her and then followed my heart....

13 years later here we are. Married. College Graduates. With DOS {two} amazing little Blessings from up above.

We love. We work hard. And, we've learned to listen, care and respect one another very much. Yes, we argue. Some days A LOT. No we are NOT perfect by any means. I love him and he loves me. We tell each other things that we don't mean and then we forgive one another and remember that God has brought us to this very place on earth in our lives. We pray. We praise and we Thank God every day for all the little Blessings and the big struggles that have made us the individuals and family that we are today.

These days our family has a busy schedule, most days very busy. We lead some pretty busy lives. It's not exactly how we planned it but at the end of the day it's where we had planned to be with a little bit of faith and hard work. Together.

We have been a bit well busy lately. Still, I constantly speak of non-existent date nights. My Husband will say to the kids; "Momma and Daddy need some alone time." To which Camila smiles and nods and Santiago says; "no" and then laughs nervously.

With our busy schedules and our beautiful kids who deserve all of our undivided attention we rarely make time for us. The week of Ricardo's graduation was a rare one we got TWO nights to ourselves...with friends. It was nice. Really nice.  I do think though that a night out on the town...ALONE was long overdue.

Just to catch up and refresh. It's always nice.

So, what kind of a date night did we dream up.....

Dinner and some fancy drinks....the grown up kind! Then a Rock'en' Español concert.... Cafe Tacuba to be exact.... "Eres...." On this night the possibilities were endless...and bedtime was right around the corner. By 9pm we wanted to go home and when 3am hit we were, well exhausted and a bit delirious. To be out so late who does that kind of thing....oh wait...we used to...a  long time ago... when we were young and had no little ones to run after and be responsible for. It was amazing fun and a great night spent, laughing with friends, dancing and just having some genuine grown up fun! We celebrated and we conquered! We were parents and then we crashed out at my Momma's house...

We were determined. We accomplished a date night. Alone. For our 6th year Wedding Anniversary {13th year together-versary!}.

Happy Anniversary to the man that I can't live with and I would not know how to live without. It's been a lifetime and an amazing ride... it's been a Blessed time and happy love. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend the good, the bad and the ugly with for the rest of the days that God has planned for us.

Team Gomez in the making....


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

So sweet!! Love you both, muchoooo! Happy Anniversary! and to many many more!

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Caseyyyy!!! :D