Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On {My Niche} #latism

I am a thinker. No doubt about that...ever. 

Sometimes, I over think and re-think most everything. 

It's in my nature. 

It's gotten better with age... I have become a little more... "ehh, who cares!"... and not so much... "who really cares???"

With being at home it's come to my attention that maybe I don't have a niche?

I mean I love taking picture but I am not a professional. Don't really want to be...

I love crafting and don't mind making new and exciting projects, but mass produce? Not sure...

I love to write, hence the passion for this Blog. I am in the weeks to come going to try and evolve my Blog and explore. 

Yes, ultimately I am a Momma Blogger but maybe a more Culturally inclined Momma Blogger is what I should focus on... 

I am not really a food and health expert and while I am a HUGE supporter of a well rounded education and becoming MORE than you think you can be, I know that all of these items should be focused on at home first in order to develop fully. 

I can write about, just about anything but I know that one thing that both my Hubby and I love is our culture, where we came from and where our parents grew up..we love Mexico; it's culture, colors, people and food! Right now though we have not visited in over 3 years. It's sad but I pray that the situation there improves. And, while we can't travel there with our kids we plan on teaching them Spanish and showing them how we grew up...music, food and all.

Maybe my niche is not fully developed either.... I have to think a little more, dig a little deeper and write from my culture... 

I guess this has all come about because of the upcoming Conference my nerves are starting to go crazy and trying to explain who I am and where I will go is going to stem from where I grew up...growing and learning everyday..it's my plan... and now my focus. 

Celaya, Guanajuato~2007


Las Huertas, Guerrero~2007

Cuernavaca, Morelos~2007



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