Monday, October 15, 2012

{Plans & Schedules) #latism

Funny story.

I have these super awesome plans and great schedules dreamed up in my mind and I am sure that after only a week of following them I could, may or should fail but guess what.....I don't plan on giving up!

I want to be that Momma! ::insert sky opening heavens shinning thru and God smiling down at me:: or not. 

Only He knows the truth... my plans and schedules....if they are not surrounded by God's will, they just will not happen, at least not how I would want them to. Therefore...I am not only planning what life "should" be like in my home but also what I want it to grow into in my heart and soul.....and I will pray that if it is God's will today, tomorrow or next week then it will be done.

For now; we {Cami and I} are cleaning, cooking, napping, grocery shopping and paying bills. Camila doesn't mind that my schedules are not working out....and she is doing just fine as long as her breakfast, lunch and dinner come in that order!

I  can't get hung up on what is or will come.... I can only do my best and move forward....

My Momma friends have told me their tips and their schedules and trust me they are some pretty busy gals... as for me... I am not sure what I will ultimately be but in the mean time... we shall see? Ha.

I have a week and a half left before I attend the Latism Conference. I am already learning a lot and trying to make new Bloggy friends so that I am not so lonely, either way I am so Blessed to have been given this opportunity and can't wait to take full advantage of it! Really excited. I made some temporary business cards and can't wait for my real ones to get approved, trying to design them myself and create a Momma of Dos logo! It's a lot of work... I am thinking of consulting a professional. We shall see... God is in control...

Happy Schedules!

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