Friday, October 12, 2012

{On Tantrums & Meltdowns} Just sayin'

Just when I think I will be rid of all tantrums and meltdowns I am awakened by reality..her name Dr. S, the kid's Pedi.

I walked into Santi's 3 year check-up hopeful and ready to hear those words... "he's out growing it...." and instead I hear... "well the 3's are worse than the 2's, you know?" NO. I don't know. But, I do now. With a Super-terrible 3 year old and an almost terrible 2 year old, this Momma's gonna be pretty terrible. I am too old for this... NO really at 31, I don't think I ever imagined my children to be this difficult, so complex, so melty-down as they are or as dramatic as they are! Drama is their middle name. I guess they do truly belong in this family. Ha. Or they do get it from their Momma! Ha.

The cure? Consistency, structure and patience. I am sure.

The Momma? Terrified. {Full melt-down mode! Ha.}

Now that I am home, I need to work on all 3 disciplines. So, every time Santi or Cami have a meltdown..I stop, collaborate and really! It's the best thing to do. Attention. Undivided on my part, not so much as to egg on the bad behavior but as to hear them out and see whether or not their tantrum is "reasonable & rational" {Ha, a reasonable and rational tantrum}...If it's a no-reason tantrum..then it's either nap time or going outside and running like a nut until you are super tired and Momma can get a break time... Trust me I always thought I would be the let me pop you right now kinda Momma and instead I am this...the I am too old for this...cry it out and we'll talk later Momma!

Just sayin'... it's all it takes sometimes! Time.

Easy? CLARO QUE NO! Never. Yes, easier written on this Blog here than followed thru with at home while trying to cook, clean, blog, craft and rest... I insist that I need a Nanny and a Personal Assistant..but my Husband insist that I need to get a life and be real... I can deal with that! Ha.

In the meantime...practice and patience makes for a better Momma! 

The two little faces deserve it... they are tiny humans with real feelings after all....

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