Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Decision Made} Final Feliz

{A few weeks ago while sitting at my desk at work; I lost my breath, saw bright lights flash in my eyes and felt that if I closed my eyes I may never open them again. All I know is that I asked for help. I was taken to the ladies room to lay down and minutes later I asked them to call 9-1-1. I remember breathing deeply, attempting to stay calm someone praying over me and then voices asking questions. I was given oxygen and an IV. Minutes later I was in the ER seemingly OK and able to move about. I sat there in a haze for hours... 5 to be exact. I was told that I had, had a panic attack and was treated for dizziness and fatigue.}

Wow. Me. A panic attack... impossible.

In the days to follow I made a decision that would impact many and that would hopefully help others.

Today that decision is being lived.

As of Friday October 5th I have officially left my Full-time Outside the Home job to become....

A Momma without a job who happens to stay home... Hmmmmm. A Stay-at-Home Momma!!!! Can this be real.... 3 years and 3 weeks later... Trust me I have NO idea what to do with myself. What kind of routine I want to build or even how long I can do this for.... All I know is that I am open to LIFE. To GOD in it. And to what ever new adventure He will bring our way...

Not good that it took a panic attack to keep me home but I am moving on..moving past it and growing stronger from it and because of it. Life will indeed be different but I pray that we can make it through this new chapter in our family's life...

I have so many plans and ideas swirling around in this Momma head of mine. I hope that you will stick around with the crazy woman who writes about being well... a little crazy but a lot dedicated!

My kids are loving it and my house is clean for the first time in if I can just convince my Hubby that we can totally afford adding an office to my house... it would be awesome... Ha. I won't push it.

I know this. If you are overwhelmed. Please ask for help. What I have gone through was very real and very scary. I have so many great people in my life but still I think I can do it all on my own and trust me I have God by side the whole time but when it comes to this world, as women, as Momma's, we tend to take on a bit much at times... Me, I am making it through this and life will be back to  normal soon, I hope.

Oh yes, did I mention? I AM A STAY@HOMEMOMMA! {Very Blessed!}

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