Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{Band-Aides} & Election Night

My son is under the impression that a Band-Aid will fix everything. 

Will heal all. 
And, will protect him from pain. 

If only it were that easy. 
As an adult I know the truth
Truth which I can't allow to overwhelm me 
even on my worse days... 
Truth that one day will be Victory. 
Truth that is peace at times of chaos. 

I pray that your band-aid is present. 
That your healer is truth and that God can create that 
peace that no physical band-aid can ever create. 

Truth is. 
God is my band-aid and HE is my Truth. 
I am not perfect.
But, still I know that 
He has never doubted me..
even though sometimes..
I have doubts about it all. 

I am attempting to do this whole writing a post a day thing for a whole month... 
I have only missed one day so far...and like with everything else in life...
I will NOT give up. 
I will not allow pain to over come or overwhelm...
and I will move forward no matter what. 

Oh yes, AND it's Election Night. 
Where was I, 4 years ago on Election Night, ::HERE::... ::HERE:: and then ::HERE:: and ::HERE:: .....

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