Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Liar-Liar!} Ha. & Giveaway Winner!!!

Ok, Ok! So, I lied!!! Ha. Last night I was so into the moment that I stated that I had ONLY missed ONE post so far...I have missed TWO!!! Oyi. Ha.

Reactions and Results is what today has been filled with, my family and I have since slept and started our day, like every other day, like every other week, like every other every other year.

I don't think we should allow the outcome from last night determine the new path that life will take us through and instead be Thankful that God has Blessed us with a new day at all, with new outcomes and results that will be all our own...

My respect to everyone who went out and voted.... my love for my country and my heritage and my WHOOOP-WHOOOP! Shout out to President Obama, whom in the next FOUR years I want to make a point to personally meet! How? I don't know just yet. But, I am stating this a Momma, as a Wife, as a Sister, a Daughter, a College Graduate, a HARD WORKING EMPLOYEE {of my home these days}, I think I owe it to myself to DREAM just as Big as the man we have named President for 2 terms... and I am taken back to that very epic and DREAM filled speech that led to an epic and DREAM filled speech last matter who, what, where and when.... KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR FUTURE....No one else can dictate that...No one else can determine that...if you are where you are's because of YOUR hard work and effort.... we can't place blame on anyone else... we much embrace and accept.


Giveaway WINNER is!!!! DRUM-ROLL PLEASE!!!

Melissa Libertad from Painting Mariposas in the Sky; In order to claim your prize please e-mail this Momma at:

The necklace was $ seen below and Ms. Libertad stated that it was $3.99 which makes her the closest guess at 49 cents off!!!

Thank you for playing!!! Huge Texas sized Momma Congrats to you!!!! Don't forget to contact me to get you your prize!!!! 

                                             ::INSERT SHAMELESS PLUG HERE::
On another note... a few weeks back my FB page hit 200 likes..and I sent out this cute little card to the happy 200th reader.... I framed it and mailed it....I loved the card!!!! Had to do it... 

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