Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's November. & it's HOT!

Oh yes, for a minute there I forgot.  



It's the 8th day in November, 17 days from Thanksgiving {whoop-whoop!!}, 42 days from Christmas {someone check my math....not good at that game..haha.} and it's about a 100 {OK, 70} degrees outside...but still 70... the wind isn't blowing much and if you stand in the's hot. ::end of that rant:: Ha.

Today Cami and I sat outside and played and I can't help but think how Thankful I am. I am happy to be a Stay@HomeMomma. I am happy to have the opportunity to spend MORE time with my Cami. My Santi is at school's better for him. He gets to socialize, learn and burn off all the excess energy that this 31 year old Momma just can't handle some days!

I am just happy. Blessed. And, moving forward.... Moving on.


Unknown said...

It's amazing being a SAHM. It's the best job, tiring, but best job in the world! :)

Anonymous said...

Cami is getting so big and even more adorable