Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{On getting Motivated & Inspired} ♥

When I worked in an office outside my home and had a desk to go to every morning; I had little sticky notes around my desk and computer that gave me constant reassurance, motivation and sometimes inspiration on what, how, when and where. At home I have a lot of different areas where my motivation is present but it seems that the place where I spend most my time is lacking it. My at home work station. Or this computer! Ha. Funny, huh?

So, I am working on building my space...not to be confused with "MySpace" does anyone use that anymore...I digress. My personal space and it's inspiration. I want to be happy and motivated while I write as well as inspired to create new items and work in peace on what makes me happy.....

My house is definitely a part of who I am, how I see life and where I want to go. Every room is and will be filled with the things that are unique to my family. The colors, the furniture, the pictures! Everything represents who my family has become and how much we have grown in the last 7 years since the Hubby and I got married!

I plan on building on it everyday and create a place where my family eats, sleeps, creates and dreams! For now here is some progress ::insert mini-house tour here:: Welcome to our home... I don't have a big fancy house with a lot of expensive things or furniture but everything I have put into this house comes from a special place in my heart to make it a home and from a lot of hand-me-down kind of people {especially my Hubby's Dad and my Momma}.

Tour of what makes my little life turn....

This is the space I am currently working to enhance. Ha.

Here is what that space looks like now...still working on a better desk!

 This is my living room:

 View from my hallway...
Glimpse into an unfinished room... my kids room.

Trust me there is  much work to be done in my house..one day we will finish it all..One day.

What makes you remain motivated? What are special places that you wish to enhance for added inspiration?


SabzM said...

wow! great job! love the frames on the wall! and the cute desk!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your home. It looks very lovely especially with all the beautiful pictures. :)

I have a to do list of things that I want to work on. It is taking some time to work on but I find it gives me motivation to keep improving our lives. :)

Maribel L. said...

I love your bold paint color choices. It's an easy way to fill a room and set a mood :)

Unknown said...

Love the wall color and those frames are perfect! I think my kids keep me motivated and inspired. Just like I have my space for creativity I wish the same for them so I try and clear and organize daily to have that area for them.