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Potty training with Pull Ups #SayAdiosToDiapers #Ad

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

As Momma's we deal with everyday challenges; being a Momma, a Wife, an Employee, etc... Situations and life are rarely easy or quick. Much like this, potty training can be a Momma's worse nightmare. But, thankfully we can rest assured that we are not alone and that with the right mindset we can create an effective plan that can help us have success while potty training. 

                               {Photo Credit: Trey Bell of TDK Photography }

Thanks to #pullupsbigkids and their #SayAdiostoDiapers campaign, I was invited to attend an event that would help me realize that I have been right on track when it came to potty training my children. Realizing that every child is different and that in their own time they will surely develop the confidence that they need to be fully potty trained is very important, I think. As a Momma, I know my children and when they are ready to move on to a new milestone. I have never been one to rush them or to set a specific time frame, todo a su tiempo. My kids have surely met some pretty amazing milestone on their own with our support and guidance and potty training has been no different. 

A big determining factor for us has been daycare. Our daycare has not only been patient but a good indication of when our kids have been ready to start their transitions into their big kid stages. But, not all of us have that kind of assistance and support. Which is why it was important for me to attend this event and help other Momma's reach their potty training goals! 

Our host was in the incredibly sweet and genuine Jeannette Kapul a lifestyle and parenting expert from Hispana Global. She is no doubt a great Momma and recognized Author who gave us some key factors in having success while potty training. Her advice and tips are definitely worth learning. 
                                 {Photo Credit: Trey Bell of TDK Photography }

                                  {Photo Credit: Trey Bell of TDK Photography }
Not sure I am that! 

Here is a little of what was discussed during our luncheon; our conversation was open and honest not only with Jeannette who is an excellent mediator but with some fellow Houston Bloggers:

::Establish a routine:: The best way to get your child to use the bathroom is by setting up a consistent schedule or routine, one that everyone can follow. For us our normal routine is wake up and first thing my Hubby and I say is; let's go potty. Sure there is hesitation and denial involved but after a couple of weeks of the same routine my kids are kinda sorta used to it now and it prevents early morning delays due to accidents as we walk into the daycare in the morning. 

::Be on the same page as your support group:: It is very important that what is followed at home is followed everywhere else the child goes. If the child is with Daddy, then Daddy and Momma should be on the same page about how many times the child should be asked to go to the bathroom or what the normal routine will be for family outings and so on. For us it's the same at daycare as it is at home as it is at GranMomma's casa. It works! 

::Lead by example:: My kids were shy to the potty and so I would take them every time I went to the bathroom and encouraged them to go as well. Sometimes they just need someone to be there with them and show them that the toilet will not swallow them or cause harm. It can be an intimidating place for kids. 

::Reinforce the positive:: One of our tactics for potty training was being EXTRA excited every time my children used the bathroom on their own; we clap, sing and even dance! Anything that will make them feel special and a positive sense of true accomplishment! We announce it to our home... "Santiago is a big boy he went in the potty!" and then we all clap. For my Cami as well, and the kids LOVE it! 

::Let your child lead :: As an adult I very much dislike being pushed to do something I don't want to do. So, I can only imagine that as a small child being pressured into using this giant white hole as a bathroom can be very intimidating. The last thing I want is for my child to feel upset or pressured, being a kid is a lot of work. So, when Jeannette stated that we should allow our child to take the lead on when they are ready for this big commitment, I totally agreed. 

::Allow choices and control:: In order for our children to develop a sense of self and independence a little control and some choices are necessary when trying to succeed in potty training. Giving your child some control over the situation may help it become a little less overwhelming. And, providing options may make it all seem a little more appealing. 

::Be patient:: I have little patience but with children patience truly is key. If they get frustrated you get frustrated and in the same sense if you get frustrated well you will just have one very frustrating situation. Be patient. You and your little one will learn what is best for you and fits your current situation. Patience. 

::Be consistent:: Establishing your routine, having everyone on the same page and sticking to your plan is very important when it comes to trying to get your child to use the bathroom. Being consistent will result in success and becomes a little  less frustrating. 

::Don’t allow others to hinder your progress by taking  bad advice, remember Momma knows best!:: I think we can all relate. Everyone has their own opinions and myths about when and how YOUR child should reach milestones. But, in all honesty, only we know our children and our children know themselves. Just like any normal process we will know when our children are ready and our children will let us know when they are ready to reach this milestone. 

::Every child is different::  This can not be more true. Especially in our home. My Son is one world and my daughter is a very hot pink and busy plant on the edge of the universe waiting to kick some butt. And, it's no different for potty training. My Son took some time but got it as soon as it was introduced at daycare. I think he fell under the pressure of his peers. But, Camila. That little lady is stubborn and being the baby is her favorite spot right now. She is taking a lot longer to potty train than I imagined. She will get there. In her own time. 

::Don’t compare your child to others:: Finally, the more we talked on Sunday the more I came to realize that we just can't compare our situations to anyone else's. I work outside the home and only see my children night's and weekends. I have to trust our daycare and that they are doing their job just as well as I am doing mine. So, my children may not be where the neighbors kids are but eventually they will catch up and that's not a big deal at all. 

We had so much fun spending Momma time with a great group of #latinamovers we even tried our attempt at an #epciselfie #butfirstletmetakeaselfie! 
                                     {Selfie taken by Telma from  At the Fire Hydrant}
Best of all I got to meet all of these amazing ladies, their words and advice not only about potty training but about family and blogging will resonate with me throughout! More on this conversation over at Twitter follow our hash-tag #SayAdiostoDiapers .

                                      {Photo Credit: Trey Bell of TDK Photography }

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