Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nourish ::Your Soul::

The prompts for this months NaBloPoMo are about nourishing your body... a lot of great posts and great prompts.. and I decided to take it into a different direction because the word has new meaning to me.

When it comes to being Nourished. How do you seek to find a balance? As a Momma my daily feelings are often challenged.  I can be ecstatic and energetic one minute and wore down and drained the next, as a Woman, I struggle some days to keep that balance. Not because I am some of kind crazy ::or maybe:: but because we have so many situations, issues and tantrums coming our way that it tends to happen. 

"You are not alone. You are not crazy." It's what I wish I could hear more often but some days... I just know that most won't understand. I crave 5 minutes alone. In silence. Does it happen? Rarely. And, at times forced. I have to make this time for myself or else my daily feelings explode. On my children, on my Husband and sometimes on my friends or people close to me.

This past weekend I attended an event that has become a tradition with one of my close Yvonne from Running in Faith. Yvonne and I have a history together. A lifetime if you will. We rarely get to see one another even though we live in the same city. Very common, Houston is ginormous! She lives though on the opposite end of Houston. I live in Cypress/Katy and she lives in Pearland. When she invited me 3 years ago to go to the Women's Event at her church I didn't know that we would go every year since. But, we have. It's been great and we have invited friends along the way.

These events have taught me 3 things:

1) I crave being nourished; by the word of God and my faith. No matter what your faith or religion is, believing helps me be renewed and refreshed.

2) I get a BREAK! Attending an all Women's event once a year is GREAT! No children or Husbands; as much as we LOVE and adore and would do anything and everything for our families...a little break is much needed.

3) Seeking a connection. Finally. I am constantly seeking that connection. With the only other human beings that will understand me and have some real and honest advice. Women. It's amazing how great that connection can become.

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