Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tools & Benefits of Pull-Ups® Training Pants #SayAdiostoDiapers #ad

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

As I expressed last week, Potty Training has been a challenge in our home but thankfully we have had great support from our daycare. One of the greatest transitions was going from diapers to training pants. I think that one of the benefits is that the whole potty training situation becomes less rushed and less intimidating when a child is taken through it with small changes like going from diapers to Pull-Up training pants

It was easier for my Cami to understand that she was starting to become a big girl by making her transition from diapers to Pull-Ups; rather than taking her from diapers to underwear. She slowly came to terms with the news and then ultimately made the switch from Pull-Up training pants which we still use interchangeably to avoid accidents and ease the pressure of potty training, to underwear. My daughter loves that they are easy to take off when in a rush and that much like her big girl underwear they have her favorite characters on the outside! It's the little things that make a difference and you never know what will motive your little one.

Pull-Ups not only has great training pants for toddlers but also different tools and resources that can assist parents and their little ones with this milestone. Tools such as the website Big Kid Academy  filled with different celebration activities such as the Celebrating Every Flushritual. I am sure all of the tech savvy Momma's and their kids will love the different online activities and can even download fun apps to your  fancy gadgets! 

Some of my favorites are the Night Time Check List & the do the Potty Dance videos!!  

One of our favorite tricks that has proven effective when trying to get our children to use the bathroom is the old “let the faucet water run” trick. My daughter is a stubborn little lady and this trick has helped us get her in the habit of actually going to the bathroom every time we are in there. Some days it works others it doesn't. This whole transition comes down to a little trial and error. And, it's more than okay to start over. This process takes times and requires patience.   

Thanks to Latina Bloggers Connect and Pull-ups for allowing me to share this experience with everyone. It's great to see all the helpful support and community being built around a simple task that can become quite daunting at times. 

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