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Why I want to meet J.J.Watt's Momma... #houstontexans #jjwatt

I am not a huge football fan ::insert gasps here:: as those who know me can tell you, it's not a big secret. My Hubby; DIE.HARD.TEXANS.FAN. That's neither here nor there though. I stand behind my city even if I don't know what a "3rd down" or a "fumble" are.  Ha. 

YEScome denying J.J. Watt....Cutie, Hottie, whatever you want to call him, yes. Very handsome.  I know all the girls and even though they might deny it most men, would LOVE to meet J.J. Watt. Who wouldn't? Mr. Nice Guy, amazing football player, caring, humble, strong, intelligent, tall, good looking, single; etc. etc.  

But as a Momma, you know who I really want to meet? His Momma. Ms. Yes, CONNIE Watt. We have a lot in common, even our names!  I would love to just hug her and know more about her and how she managed to raise such an amazing young man. Why? Simple. Because I have son

Her son is obviously an exceptionally talented person. I too want to raise a strong, motivated and inspiring young man who will follow his dreams, reach all his goals and strive to be the very best in whatever it is he chooses to be! 

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                                                        Photo: Google Search 

Granted I know that a lot of these types of people are just naturally gifted but I also know that as parents, as Momma's we have a huge influence in our children and their development. 

I know exactly what I would tell her and ask her! She is a Momma, a Professional, a friend, a hilarious commercial side-kick and so much more. As a fairly new Momma I could use some tips. 

Here is what I would ask her... 

Did you imagine your son being the most recognizable household name in the U.S.? When did you know your son had something special that needed to be nurtured?

Was your son always seen as a leader and if so how did you help him boost those qualities and characteristics?

I want my son to be a role model to his peers and his community, what did you instill in your son that allowed him to grow into the role model that he is?

And, no joke, how did you keep him single and focused? Because trust me that matters. Some relationships are great and will help push one another along or build each other up to where you need to be. But, a lot of young relationships can be a distraction. And, focus makes a difference in reaching your goals.

What advice could you give Young Momma’s who are maybe not making that connection that you have obviously created for you and your son?

Being a Momma is so much work. Every day we have new struggles, obstacles and challenges to face. We do so much for everyone else.  What tips do you have that helped you manage your everyday schedule?

What would I tell her? I would say… 

Thank you for being such a strong and involved Momma. Thank you for being an inspiration and role model to Momma’s in Houston! You are doing an incredible job.

What about you, what would you ask  or have to say to Connie Watt? 
What type of qualities are you constantly looking to build and nurture in your children as they grow and develop? 

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