Tuesday, December 16, 2014

::Top 5:: Types of Gifts for Momma's #holidays2014

When I think about gifting to other Momma’s I think about things I would love to receive for myself here are my top 5 types of gifts for Momma’s:

1-Personalized gifts:

My friend Tracey from TeeWii recently launched a new shop Plush Design LA  

Their current feature is the Adventurer Set and the Adventur-ish case. 

The GLAMP pillowcase is $12 and the Mr. Outdoors/Mrs. Adventure set is $20.


Social Media: 

I recently purchased a personalized item from Designed to Shine and I am so in love with the shop!

                                           {Picture from Designed to Shine Facebook page

Etsy Shop: 


2-Gift cards:

Sometimes people think it's not enough to just give a gift card but trust me as a Momma on a budget this is always welcome by me! Either to my favorite stores like Old Navy and Target or  ANY food place or coffee shop like Starbucks or Panera Bread.

3- A gift basket:

Another great personalized item are gift baskets. Super easy to create or you can also buy them already filled with great goodies! I know places like Kroger and Walmart have some pretty afforable ones! So many different gift baskets with tons of goodies; cookies, coffee, treats; anything fun and yummy is always great during the holiday's. 

4-Holiday Cash:

Who doesn't need some extra money especially after the Holiday’s! I would say that to me it’s the thought that counts, $10-25. Depending on whom the person is; I would gift a close Momma friend between $20-25 & a co-worker Momma friend between $10-20. I think it's a great gift! 

5-Self Love:

Anything that involves some me time is great like a massage or spa day ! Or maybe a gift card to her favorite nail shop or hairdresser, that way the Momma can have some alone time and de-stress from all the Holiday hustle and bustle! 

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