Monday, April 20, 2015

::Weekend Snapshots::

Tonight, I am joining Ari of 3TwentySix with her ::weekend snapshots:: Visit her blog to see all of her fun weekend pictures! Such a great idea, if you love it let Ari know by showing her some blog or facebook love. 

Weekends are about relaxing, taking in the sun and enjoying your loved ones. In my case... taking LOTS of pictures to show you on Monday. It's my new goal, to join Ari, won't you show us your weekend snapshots too!! 

This weekend was a bizarre one. It went from being rainy & dreary on Friday and Saturday; to an amazing Sunday, until Sunday night. We stayed home rained in on Friday and Saturday but not without trying some local eateries of course. Friday we visited Crawfish N'More on Hwy 6 and Clay. If you are a crawfish fan, it's pretty good here. We went late and it was packed, you can bring your own beer and if you check in with Yelp you get a 10% discount. We took ours to go. The place is small and while it was kid friendly, it's not Wild and Crazy Gomez kid friendly. So, we ate at home.

Saturday morning wasn't too rainy so we met my momma for breakfast/lunch at a small authentic Mexican food restaurant. El Hidalguense. It doesn't look like much on the outside but the barbacoa de borrego with nopales asados and consome, were oh so good. They give you taquitos dorados with salsa roja as an appetizer {first 4 are complimentary}. They also have homemade tortillas and aguas frescas. It was kid friendly and had live music. My child wore her pajamas to breakfast. It was that kind of kid friendly. We then headed home to get rained in, but we rested enough to have a beautiful day filled with sun and family on Sunday. 

On Sunday, we visited yet another Houston park, this time it was in Galveston off of 51st. It's called SeaWolf park. It has a good size playground and is known as a good fishing spot. This Sunday though not much was caught, other than some awesome sun rays! It also has a submarine and USS ship which you can board and explore. It's a great area for picnicking and afternoon cooking.  The kids love it here; first we try our luck at fishing, when that doesn't happen we play and relax. {There is a fee to enter the park and for those fishing, as well as to enter and board the boat and submarine.}

We also stopped off at the always awesome Bucee's in Texas City. Which we love, my kids thought they spotted Barbie and Ken. Yes, they took pictures with the mannequins in the middle of the store. I told you, wild and crazy kids. 

A little secret, my Hubby usually has to drag me out of the house, but we always end up having an awesome time. I am so much more of home body, who would rather sleep in and watch a movie in the comfort of my own home. But, when we let my Hubby lead the day we usually end up with wonderful pictures and great family memories. 

Our day ended with storms. Thankfully it happened after we had our little family adventure.... 

 What about you, what did you do this weekend?? 

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