Thursday, April 16, 2015

::Explore Houston:: Hiking Trails

Last year we took a couple of  road trips with the kids, we have grown to love these. The adventures are endless and the memories, forever priceless. One of our trips was a camping trip to Gardner State Park and the other was a weekend in San Antonio.

On these adventures we discovered, that my kids loved the outdoors, maps { cause it reminds them of Dora, GRACIAS DORA!} and trails! My Husband and I in an effort to keep this alive and thriving decided that we would find local Houston parks and trails to explore.

A couple of months ago the weather was amazing, nothing like this week where the rain just won't leave us alone. In those gorgeous days we ventured out. Today, I will show you a little  from our first Houston trail adventure as well as, share a little information about the park. If you are local or visiting, I highly suggest exploring the nature in our city, it's amazing ya'll.

The peace and family bonding it great too. 

The park is so BIG, it will take you at least 2-3 hours to explore it very well. We took a 4 hour hike that day, the kids slept all the way home. It has trails and interesting areas that will make you forget you live near the city. The park trails do cross under the freeway and intersect with high volume streets, but trust me, you will not even notice it. We went out on a Saturday afternoon. The bikers were in full gear so just stay clear of them and beware of there warnings "ON THE LEFT". Is their usual sign of, here I come, MOVE

While you learn the park lingo, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

We parked at Memorial near Eldridge. And, on this afternoon we had a small picnic when we reached the reservoir at I10 & Eldridge. So, the walk is about 20 minutes out, we then climbed up the edge of the reservoir and collected rocks. Then back down to the trails and into the park area with the playground. Where my daughter randomly yelled out a cuss word and we decided it was time to go. Have I mentioned I have wild children? I do. You would think they grew up on a farm with no humans. 

Usually randomness completes our adventures. The park is filled with great picture op areas, as a Momma who always carries a camera this is an amazing place! 

I highly recommend Terry Hersey, you can explore it and find a new spot every time.  It might take hours, maybe even days, to complete it's trails. We have been back a couple of times since, for pictures and picnics.

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