Wednesday, April 15, 2015

::What I Wore Wednesday:: Momma Style

If you know me then you know; number one..I am not a fancy person. And, number dos {2}, I have become very frugal and rarely like to "splurge" on myself. A couple of months ago, I was given a NYC credit card ::insert gasps here:: Since then, I have gotten a few necessary pieces here and there. 

As needed. 

New York and Company is one of my favorite stores. 

Another favorite store of mine is Target. And, as Taraji mentioned, she too wears Target she just blings it up. I am usually not super "blinged" out but I do love accessories, it's probably the girliest I am. I also love the color black and then dressing it up. I had an important lunch to go to that day {you can read about it here}.  That day I started off with an all black outfit and decided to add some accessories. 

Here is what I had on, it was simple I liked it but I knew something was missing. {Follow me on Instagram

I quickly found myself at the mall before my lunch that day, a rare occurrence for this Momma, and ended up buying the following:

A purse, silver necklace and shimmery stockings from New York and Company.

Winged Faux-Leather Tote Bag- It's such a great size. I placed my camera, wallet and phone in it. It was perfect for a carrying bag that afternoon. 

Silver necklace- They have so many great items in the store! They are usually on sale and you can buy one and get one half off. I love their jewelry. I own a lot of it. 

Shimmery Stockings {Medium Heather Grey}- I usually wear black stockings but this day I wanted to add some shine to my outfit. I was walking to the register and I found the best very light shimmer stockings, on sale! 

I then scooted over to Target, of course. There I found the PERFECT pair of glossy black pumps. Also, very inexpensive. Perfect height for work and outings. The Merona Melanie Heels.  

Final outfit looked a little like this:

Do you want to show off your favorite outfit and Momma finds? Send them my way and I will add you to our next What I Wore Wednesday feature! { email me at: }

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