Friday, September 4, 2015

:: First Day of School:: #Non-Traditional

The first day of school happened.

I was a complete and total mess. I never know how emotions will catch me, and this first day of school was brutal. 

But, guess what? We survived. And, my kids are now in full school mode. You know driving a new set of teacher semi-crazy, I really wish I could say my kids were perfect angels, but I don't lie. I am sure they are good kids but perfect, nah.

Santiago and Camila are social kids, I am sure that can't be good for any teacher to hear but I know they both have great and VERY patient teachers. My Husband and I are working hard to keep on track with everything they need and support the teaching staff as much as possible.

They are quickly gaining new friendships and creating new memories. I knew that this school year would not be easy. I would hope that my kids could just work hard and stay focused, but we did know where the struggles would be and come. The year is young, and hopefully we can remain and regain focus. 

We have joined the PTO, school committees and parent nights. Yes, we are those parents. We truly vow to stay connected and be as active as possible in our children's education. Not just for our own peace of mind but I am sure it will be helpful in big ways to our kids. To their, well-being and their growth and education. Plus, we will be better connected to what they do, OR don't do! Santiago is catching on that his teacher sends me notes in his backpack everyday. I have an eye on him at all times.

To a successful school year to all the young, and not so young entering a new school year. May it be filled with good and positive life experiences as well as mental and educational value. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. May you maintain perfect attendance and stay far away from trouble.

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