Tuesday, September 8, 2015

::Original Clothing Wear::

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

Today on the blog; I am sharing a shop directly from Spain, created and run by a Texas High School classmates of mine. I know you are fully intrigued now. Growing up, I never knew what we would all become as we graduated High School or how our lives would make a full circle. These days, I am impacted and changed by so many amazingly talented friends and "old" classmates.

My name is Myriam Guerrero, and the name of my shop is Original Wear.  

So, a little bit about me and my shop; let's see where do I begin? 

I love Fashion and traveling so much I've made it my business. The idea was born in South Korea but I've since moved from Korea, to NYC and now Spain. It started off as apparel and screen printed items, and has gradually grown to artisan work from around the world.  

                     {Photography Credit: Martin Aaron Carrasco/Model: Kendra Hernandez}

Original Wear started originally in 2009, while teaching English in South Korea.  My expat friends and I found it very difficult to shop for clothing items. So, I put my Fashion Merchandise & Marketing Degree to use.  Having to shop online and pay excessive shipping fees, made me realize I was probably on to something. I started screen printing apparel and Original Wear was born in McAllen, Texas.  Inspiration came from the cultural differences we were experiencing and the benefit of being able to tap into such a large market.  

                   {Photography Credit: Martin Aaron Carrasco/ Models: Emily & Micaela Cantu}

Fun details about me; hmmm…..well I love to travel!  I got my first travel bug experience at Northwood University where I was hand selected to study abroad with 4 other students. South East Asia was the destination and since that opportunity presented itself, I've found myself being able to walk easily through other open doors and experiences.  I think the fear we sometimes have about maybe leaving things behind to travel to the unknown is the thought of NEW challenges within a WHOLE NEW world!  I've come to enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush of it all and I can tell you that I absolutely  love it.

                         {Photography Credit: Martin Aaron Carrasco/ Models: Emily & Micaela Cantu} 

I can't say I have a specific routine that I do religiously to get me going.  I can say that inspiration at times can be hard to find and/or create.  I find myself trying to live a healthy lifestyle and with that comes the ability to travel.  In traveling I strive to find handmade items by artisans that are not mainstream and bring those to you, my customer.  Sometimes I do like to jam in my work studio and create long lists of THINGS TO DO and keep myself busy!  

I am bilingual in English and Spanish, I wish I could say fluent in Korean but for now I'll have to admit to speaking a bit of Konglish. My favorite motto or a final phrase from Robert Frost's poems:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

For questions feel free to contact me on any site that might be easiest.  

Facebook as well as personal emails to originalwearclothing@gmail.com are always welcomed!  

Thanks again for the opportunity and thanks for supporting global artisans and small businesses!

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