Wednesday, September 9, 2015

::Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio::

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. All statements are my own and my true and honest opinion.}

Alicia Araujo-Elatassi is the owner and curator of Thinking Girls Boutique & Studio

Alicia was raised in a loving tight-knit family in the Near Northside of Houston,  She has a Masters in Educational Administration from the University of St. Thomas and served as a Founding President for Project GRAD a group made of scholarship recipient alumni.

Alicia Araujo-Elatassi, a published author with 17 years in education. She also is sought after speaker on parenting topics. Through her book and presentations, Alicia works to bridge generational and cultural gaps between young adults and parents. She is a world traveler, whose extensive traveling, and the adventures serve as the foundation and inspiration for every item found in the shop and the overall shopping experience. 

After 15 years of extensive travel experiences I fell in love with locating unique amazing gift. So wanted to bring back unique gift items that are interesting and much different than the usual mainstream aesthetic. Thus the idea to bring those cultural items  that resonate with my idea of growth to the store  is a joy to share with women who appreciate artisan handmade from all over the world and thus connect to Alicia’s exotic travels. 

End of Summer sale, selected items are 20% off. Until September 15

I'm an avid reader who reads about 5 books a month on a variety of topics, my book club encourages discussions and dissent. I also made a full 180 on my perspective on motherhood upon visiting Peru in 2009 and learning about the Pacha Mamas (Earth Mother).  I changed my view from being a perfect prescriptive book follower of so called mainstream mothering, to becoming an instinctual mother who trusted her inner dialogue first and I learned to nurture and love completely while giving my children plenty of space to roam. Thus I never became a helicopter mom. Today I love that my boys are adventurous and generous. 

We are world traveling family, we have been to over 4 different continents and traveled over thousands of miles. The boys come along as much as possible and I take pride in showing them how other people live and survive, today my boys have seen more than the average 50 year old American.  

My inspiration comes from visiting other boutiques in other cities around the world.  I loved the elegance of a Florence boutique where you will find high end items with an approachable sales person.  I ask the locals to recommend because I don't  follow the travel guides, locals know the best places.  I make time to visit galleries and museums, because beauty changes but creativity is always inspiring.   I shop at tiny mom and pop places where there it isn't about quantity but quality and craftsmanship.  I love that every single item has a story and the purchaser takes that story with them. My most favorite accessory is a wooded ring I bought from a street vendor in Costa Rica, it is beautifully made and exquisite.  Made by him from a special tree branch but meant for me to find. 

I am bilingual and my favorite person to quote is: 

Mark Twain ~ "Why Not Go Out on a Limb, that is where the Fruit is".  

Spanish Quote By Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz~ "Yo no Estudio para saber mas sino para Ignorar Menos." is a collection of stories that inspire dads connect with their daughters during the most difficult time in her adolescence. Based on my own loving relationship with my daddy. 

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