Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Priorities + Goals ~ 2016 Edition #OneWord

As all the New Year resolution posts roll out, I resolved a couple of years ago to be different. And, just as life happens, every time I vow to slowly creep away from Momma of Dos and venture into a new area of life, well, LIFE happens. I am always brought back to this space. Where, yes, all the magic happens, kind of. All I know is that no matter what, I will be here. But, as the new year rolls on I also want you to follow us over at Houston Latina Bloggers. Where I feel the magic is slowly starting to rise. As we continue to grow our social media communities we want you to join us and share with us, and tell us what you think. We have an amazing group of talented writers and we love to share.

2016 promises to be different for me. In so many ways already. The New year  has definitely kicked in with a bang. Changes are already appearing in my life. Good, I hope.

A couple of years ago I decided on selecting ONE word, that would define and guide my year. Because I feel that we can make resolutions daily, to make the necessary changes. We can create goals and flip them in a matter of moments. I decided that this one word would help guide those resolutions and goals and OH boy. When I look back at the words, and the goals I set out to reach  for previous years, I feel good about my selections. I have accomplished my goals in SO many ways with simply providing that ONE word that would help me get through it all. Keeping that word in mind with all my actions. Carrying it in my mind and heart, referring to it and guarding it.

With all that in mind, this year my word is "Priority". My priorities have names- Ricardo, Camila and Santiago. As years have gone by I have done so much for them, for us and for myself. That's a given. Today, I feel my focus should be further on them as my priority. Sure I love attending events and being involved in so many areas of life. But, when I think about it more and more, my priorities shift as the year goes by and I don't ever want to lose that connection with my Husband and my kids. I feel 2016 will be one for us to further grow as a family. We are planning a couple of strategic moves, and fun trips for this year already. I want to keep them in mind when making my choices. 

And, thanks to the universe and me simply putting things out there so much has already happened in 2016 that has helped further  guide my  word selection.  

With all that is going on... the voices in my head keep repeating; "Quit while you're ahead Connie." But, for some reason, my heart and actions keep pushing me forward. I don't like to give up and I definitely don't like to quit. No matter what, or who, I can't give up now.

Some goals this month:

  • For myself- seek my priorities and keep them throughout 2016. 
  • For my family- seek their well-being and be there for them. 
  • For my sanity-relax and let go of "doing" so much. 
  • For my career- focus, be productive and find the balance needed. 
  • For my blog- un-blog, write when needed and seek my priorities. 

2016 will be a good year!

What is your word for 2016??

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