Monday, February 8, 2016

::Baby Numero Tres:: Warning. I am not pregnant.

:: The Story ::

When Ricardo and I first got married, we knew we wanted children. We didn't have a specific number in mind. We just knew we wanted kids. We also knew we had a certain level of stability we wanted to reach before we had them, we knew the goals we needed to accomplish before becoming pregnant. We didn't count on having fertility issues. And, the same year that we decided to check into those issues was also the year I became pregnant with my little boy. My Santiago is a true blessing and soon after came another beautiful blessing, Camila. Becoming pregnant back to back was a shock both to me as a Momma and to my body for more than obvious reasons. I had several surgeries before I had Santiago to remove tumors and cysts. Then two c-sections back to back, trauma is probably the easiest way to describe it but it was bad. Really bad. Still the thought of a third baby lingers.  

As 2015 ended we had a couple of family members, who had babies. The question to us as parents of {Dos} is usually, are you going to have another baby?

My quick reply would be, "uhm, nope."

My thought out response would be, "I don't really want to but Ricardo does."

:: The Thoughts ::

Deep down inside I think about it and wonder. Could I do it? Would it slow me down? Do we really want to? And, would we still be able to maintain the crazy unstoppable lifestyle we have now?

I know if you ask parents of two or more children they will quickly tell you, that it's doable. But, we are all different. We have different levels of tolerance, different abilities, and different interest. I love my children. We do so much with them, I do so much for my blog and for myself. I feel that at almost 35 I want to be a little more selfish and if I have another baby right now, that would not be possible.

In February, I go see my Ob-Gyn. She will help put a piece of the puzzle into perspective and further help me determine what is best for my aging and always changing Momma body. I am thankful that I was able to have two children when doctors were uncertain if I could even have one. Now, it's all said and done. I have two amazing little beings who drive me INSANE on a daily basis, sometimes minute after minute.

Another one of my thoughts is, I feel that I can't, or maybe don't want to, handle a third. I feel we are done having children. My two are very happily spoiled rotten by SO many, we like it that way. And, as parents, we are able to fully provide and comfortably give them so much and that's not just material things, but time and attention as well. 

:: The Reality ::

The reality is that as "planned" as Camila and Santiago were they didn't come at the most "ideal" moments. We had SO many struggles throughout my pregnancies. In our marriage, in our finances, with our families, with our health, achieving stability and reaching the goals we have now reached. That as "prepared" as we were to have children in our 30's, we still didn't have it all figured out and we totally created the life we have today, one day at a time. So, if I were to become pregnant with a third baby would we be ok? Of course. We have made it through some pretty crazy moments and have made the best of the last 10 years. A third baby would be more than welcome. Are we trying to have a 3rd baby? No, not really. Will things fall into place if we did? Yes, things always fall into place. 

The third child in this picture is my nephew and that's my Dad trying to be Super GranPa back in 2012, but I am sure this would be us pretty much every day if we did have a third baby. Am I ok with that? Sure. I mean look how much fun it was to watch my Hubby graduate from UH, while he was unemployed with two toddlers and I worked 40 plus hours as an Assistant Manager with Harris County.  Fun times, ya' times! 

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