Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Toyota Latino ::Scion IA:: #ad

Momma Disclosure :: This is a compensated post. All opinions and statements are my own.::

I have, since last year, tried a series of cars  from Toyota, and contrary to my Husband's thought, who is a big guy and didn't quite fit in the Scion IA. To me a 5'1" momma of dos {2} small kids, the Scion IA is now my favorite car! I loved driving it. Trust me I have loved the other cars but this one was just such a perfect fit. For my family size and more importantly for my wallet! Which in this changing economy is great for all families.

Number one reason, it's all about that gas baby. As a true "Soccer Momma" who drives across town for events and meetings, and is just constantly on the go, the gas guzzlers are usually a drain on my pocket. I had the Scion IA for 7 days, I drove and went everywhere in it. And, on day 7, I kid you not, we had only wasted a little over half the tank. That to me is awesome. Call me crazy, but if I don't have to spend on gas, I am happy! I am sure many can relate.

The car is awesomely compact. It is a huge difference from my current SUV, which I can pretty much fit anywhere but I was loving the smaller car. And, although it was compact, it had just enough room for my kids and all of our stuff that we carry daily in and out of the house. You know backpacks, toys, books, lunch bags, equipment, props, groceries. You name it, it fits! My kids loved the entertainment panel which displayed the station logo and sometimes the picture of the artist being played on the radio. Of course, their favorite feature was being able to call GranMa Chelo via the car Bluetooth. It's such a great feature that allows you to make a quick phone call while driving. We called my Momma and the kids got to tell her once more that we had a "new car".  

I felt like a Momma race car driver and loved all the techy features of the Scion IA. It's a great car, the perfect size for my family of four, with economic gas mileage and the price isn't too bad either.

Thank you to Toyota and the Houston Drive Shop for the great service and cars. You can see more here: Follow Toyota, #ToyotaLatino 

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