Monday, February 15, 2016

::Weekend Snapshots:: Link Up with 3TwentySix

I love the link-up over at 3TwentySix, Ari is one of my favorite series creators and I love following her posts. This weekend I decided that I would join her on Monday for the Weekend Snapshot series. 

Here we go. 


Last week, I had a very long week. Deadlines at work and tons to do made me eh, the whole week. When Friday came I was ready for some me-time. I did something I seldom do. I headed to the mall right after work. Glad, I did. I found some great deals and something to wear for an event on Saturday. 

My finds came from; 

Teavana, I had been wanting to visit this store but had not been able to in the past. I didn't realize they actually make you fresh tea there. I was looking for a loose tea strainer since mine broke. I love tea and drink it almost daily. This store was heaven. Glad I finally visited and found the cutest strainer. 

Francesca's where my Sister-in-Law had given me a Christmas gift card and I was ready to use it. It's a great store, but not quite my style. I feel I am at times, not as "whimsical" as I like to be, this store has great clothing just not quite what I wear. But, I did find some great t-shirts. I also love all of their accessories. 

Icing they have some great accessories and word graphic art. I found a great quote which I love, She believed she could so she did. Obviously, I had to buy it, I don't know yet if I will take it to work or keep it at home. It's a great reminder that no matter what if we believe in ourselves, we can do anything. 

Finally, I was looking for something to wear for Saturday, since I would be moderating and speaking on a panel for Career Day with the Houston Hispanic Forum. Since, I didn't really find anything that suit me at Francesca's I headed over to my favorite store, New York and Company. I buy all my work clothes there and of course most of my casual clothes too. I can never go wrong. I ended up with a great blouse and 2 pair of soft sole flats. Which I love and also found 2 black dress pants, all for $88.00, yes, winning for sure! Everything was on sale. Loved it. 

In all my trip to the mall was very good, I got a lot of things I needed and wanted. 


Saturday turned out to be a great experience. A while back my good friend Sybil invited myself and our HLB co-founder Jihane, to speak on the Print and Digital Media panels for Career Day which is hosted by the Houston Hispanic Forum. This past week before the event, she also asked us to moderate the panels we were on. This was a first for me. I honestly like it more than just speaking. It was a very fun experience. I loved seeing all the young kids there who are considering different career paths and obtaining the information they need to succeed. I met a lot of local writers, news anchors and radio personalities whom I follow online and had not had a chance to meet in person.  

Something that I love and thought about was that, as Speakers, we were all volunteers to the event, there are certain connections and knowledge that you just can't pay for or be paid to obtain. Everyone was very nice and informative, so willing to give out their best career advice. And, reminded everyone that sometimes it's not a straight shot into a set career, the journey can be long. Don't focus on how you will get there, simply work hard and do what you love. I will be writing more about some of the panelist and what I learned later this week. 


Sunday was Valentine's Day, the Hubby and I don't do big gifts or fancy dinners, for years we have decided that it's just a day. But, with the kids now, we always try to do something special. Last year we started a double date lunch, we took them out to a "fancy" lunch. This year, I went and bought them kolaches and donuts for breakfast and we decided to try a late lunch, early dinner. After all the whining and complaining,  and prying my couch potato, home-bodies away from the house, we finally made it through a good meal and even got some good pictures of the two best dates ever. 

The rest of my day consisted of napping, laundry and cleaning two very messy kid rooms. But, it was a super productive weekend. So, I have no complaints! 

Now off to my Monday!! Have a great week everyone. 

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