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Sybil, a local communication, and media professional, who is a board member and membership director for Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals; invited me to speak at the Houston Hispanic Forum- Career Day. It's an event I knew about in past years but wasn't sure how I could help. This year when I was asked to speak and then to help moderate a panel it was a perfect opportunity to help with this big event. It was exciting and I tried to think back to where I was in Junior and High School, many, many (many) years ago. I grew up in a small town in South Texas. My only focus was getting out, that focus created an intense need to obtain good grades and get into a good school far, far away from that small town. 

And, I did. I graduated top of my class and got into all the colleges I wanted to go to except Baylor in Waco, only because I didn't apply. I was too scared that I would not get in so, I didn't try. My life might have been different had I not come to Houston to attend the University of Houston. Do I regret not applying to Baylor in Waco? Sure. But, not really. Here is why; I came to Houston met my Husband and have a beautiful little family now. Plus, I love being a UH Coog! I wouldn't have it any other way. 

With that said, I am an observer. I listen and then I write. A lot. It was inevitable for Career day and it was only super-charged by having met some of the people I absolutely love and stalk follow on social media like Joey Guerra, I love him and I think he is just so smart and funny and purpose-filled. And then, Coppelia Acevedo whose heartfelt message really spoke to me on so many levels. I started my blog as a faith-based blog so I love listening to those women who have maintained their faith as a center of their writing. It gives me life and new inspiration. I also of course, got to meet a lot of wonderful new people and then a couple of people who I have actually collaborated with for my blog, but have never met in person. Funny. I know. 

I listened to various communication and media-related panels and the messages were so clear from everyone. Here are three messages I heard on Saturday. 

::Follow your Dreams:: 

No matter what that dream may be, follow it. With all your heart and all your might. No matter what anyone might say. No matter how cliche this may all sound. All of the panelists had that one point of consistency, persistence and simply sticking to what it was they wanted. 

Did they all make it to their dream goals from one day to the next? No. 

Did they all have an easy path created for them to reach their dream? No. 

They had to work hard, continue to work hard and no one had an easy answer on how to reach your goals. But, they did all know that you must remain focused on your dream and work hard every day to obtain it. They all knew in their hearts that they have truly followed their dreams.  

::Learn the Skills::

I have met many bloggers who have degrees, in various areas and at different levels. I have also met various bloggers who don't have degrees. What they all do have in common are the learned skills to write, blog, market, promote and do their jobs. Every panelist I heard that day either spoke about their degree and college life or the skills they have had to learn to make it in their area of specialty.

Learning to write and engage your audience would be the number one skill most bloggers should learn. There are so many workshops, seminars, online course, youtube videos and blog how-to's that can all help fill in any gaps you might have. For myself, my degree is in Psychology with a minor in Health. Not writing related but I have learned many writing and communications/media related skills throughout my career, either via my jobs or self-taught. 

::Do what you Love::

Most of all,  do what you love! I have always followed my career path as jobs are available. Let me explain. I have a degree in Psychology, in hindsight, my degree is a little vague. So, I have had job offers based on my experience and what I am willing to learn. When good jobs that I feel would fit my career path come along I have taken them.

I started in the medical field, went into non-profit and was a career/financial aid counselor, which made way for me into the government sector as a volunteer/community coordinator in communications and media. Yes, I know. Trust me it's been exciting. From there I decided on a career jump and have now ended up in a coordinator position for oil and gas. I have loved all my jobs because I have had the chance to work outside the office and with people. Which for me is a huge plus. Every job has created amazing relationships and in a way set me up for the next new adventure.

All of which I love!

It seems everyone I met on Saturday have had curvy paths that they have loved too. That's what matters. Not how you get there but the end result. Which yes very cliche, but you must follow your dreams and remain on your path to what makes you truly happy! 

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