Wednesday, March 9, 2016

::Top 11 Things we have learned from Kid Sports::

Like with everything that has to do with our family, we knew we wanted our kids to play sports but we didn't know what to expect. We didn't know how involved we would actually become. How competitive our kids would be, even though my Husband and I are pretty competitive. And, we both agree winning isn't everything but we want to teach our kids that they can win and should win!  With that said two years ago, we started Santiago in Soccer, we become so involved that last year both the kids played and we became the soccer parents. Ricardo coached and I helped him with the organizing. 

This year we decided to try baseball. We have so far learned that baseball is no joke. The recruitment of the kids is pretty intense for 6 & 7-year-olds. Santiago was literally drafted onto a team and practice is now 3 times a week. And, even when it rains we have discovered practice still happens. Which we understand discipline and not making excuses is a big part of life itself. Which then led me to think, what have I learned the last few years as the kids have been in sports. I have compiled a list for you today. One that I wrote and one that my Hubby sent me. 

I said: 

The kids have learned more about teamwork, about how winning isn't everything and that hard work does pay off. They have learned to lose, although its not always a graceful process and some tears are endured. This is always hard as a parent. But, you can't win at everything and I know Camila and Santiago are both learning this. Slowly but surely. They both still hate losing, like duh, who doesn't! Only as a child, it's more "acceptable" for them to freely express it. They still at the end of every soccer game congratulated the winners no matter what! As a parent, we got into the game more than the kids did. So we also had to learn to control the emotions. A little. 

The kids have learned that we need to create priorities, do they want to lounge around on the couch or go play with their teammates. Sure, these are pretty fickle priorities but making their sport their number one priority helps keep them focused on what needs to be done. They know that some nights going to practice was a little more important than staying home. As a parent, the lesson of adult time vs spending time on the fields becomes very clear. Family and sports, in this case, come first. 

It creates formal schedules that we have to keep up with and adhere to. The kids learn what days their practice and games are on. They would prepare themselves from the moment they woke up to go to school. They knew they had things scheduled and it helped them learn days and times. As a parent, it helps keep you organized by having to keep up with practice and game days. Teaches all of us the importance of keeping a good schedule. School, practice, dinnertime, bath time, & bedtime. We keep some pretty good schedules once the season kicks off. Baseball has been far more time consuming but we should be good! 

::Meeting new Kids::
While our kids have daily friends that they make at school and daycare, I like the fact that they step outside their social circle and comfort zone. In life, they will have to learn that their circle should be much larger than their everyday interactions. These interactions help them be less shy, more interactive wth kids they wouldn't usually meet and open to relationships with children from all walks of life. Much like in the grown-up world. Your circle of "friends" shouldn't always be the same five people you went to high school with, the world is SO much bigger than that. I want my kids to know this and be aware. 

::Meeting new parents::
In the same sense, I am used to talking to the same group of friends, or co-workers. Playing sports helps us build a new support system and a new circle of parent friends. Sports parents have the same commitments as you and the same dedication. Which might make them different from your everyday circle. As sports parents, we share a common interest and goal. The mindset is a little more focused and it helps keep you accountable. Some sports parents are either new like you and you can both learn as you go or they might be seasoned parents and can teach you the in's and out's of the game. Both are great to have!

Now my Husband's list.... 

He said:

::Builds Character, Discipline, and Confidence:: 
Agreed it really does, especially an already confident child who needs that extra boost. Or a somewhat shy child, who needs exposure to public events, speaking and exhibit. My kids are very good at showing off at home and being silly but we don't want them to be scared or shy in public. So, sports are helping with all this. 

::Good exercise and keeps them Active:: 
Very true and important. If my little couch potatoes are not pushed to do something outside they are quite content with being indoors and lounging. As parents we must show them that staying active is good and healthy for you. Plus being indoors with two toddlers all the time is nuts. They need the energy outlet. We don't' mind it. It helps us remain active as well. 

::Quality time and fun for the Family:: 
Our weeks become so busy with work and other adulting that we can forget about creating that quality time and bond with our little families. It's so necessary. Sports have helped remind us how important this is and how much we need it. 

::Keeps them competitive::
Again this is something that my Husband and I both agree on. While winning isn't always everything, reminding our children that they can win, that they should strive for their best and that they can be competitive is good for them! Life is tough and teaching your kids to rise to the occasion is always good. 

::Gets this Momma good picture for her blog:: This is true. A lot of my content comes from my children and the activities that we do. Sports are one of those "perks" to my blog that helps me gain valuable material to write about. I love it. 

:: Entertaining:: Because of their age and the fact that they are learning the sport, it's hilarious to watch and very entertaining as parent spectators. As parents, it can be a little frustrating because you want them to do well but once you see them in action you learn to relax and simply enjoy it all! 

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