Monday, March 7, 2016

:: Weekend Snapshots:: Link-Up with 3twentysix

Beautiful weekends are usually very productive for us, this weekend was no exception. My kids started little league last week, so now we have a full week of practice every week for about 3 months. Sharing with you today a little of how productive our Saturday was, and linking up with @3twentysix. 

Typically I wake up early on Saturday. I don't mind it because it gives me an extra 30 to 45 minutes before the kids wake up to get some things accomplished until the chaos hits again.  This Saturday I woke up, finished doing the dishes, started a washer and dryer load of laundry, and cleaned up the living room. Then the kids woke up, showered, we went to buy kolaches and headed to the ballpark all before 10 am. 

We didn't stop there. Ricardo's Aunt is a hairdresser and obviously, we trust her with our hair, especially Camila's. She has had a run-in with at home self-haircuts, more than once.  I was letting her hair grow out but she wanted to cut it before her 5th birthday this month. The cut was short and an instant mega Diva was created. She was only a super Diva before Saturday. Brother got a haircut too and couldn't miss out on the diva action.  Not only did Cam get a new look, she also got new shoes, you know to complete the Diva feeling. 

After haircuts, my Husband wanted us to go see the Ostrich and Camel races at the Sam Houston Race Park if you have not been to the race track I recommend it. Very family friendly, good food, great fun and adult drinks -lots of adult drinks. We had fun, the kids always enjoy the races, until their favorites lose. Camila doesn't take losing to lightly. We don't like to lose. 

Santiago was uber excited because this weekend they had food trucks, him and I binged watched the Great Food truck race one weekend and when we arrived he was thrilled! He said "MOM, this is a challenge!!! A food truck challenge!!" And, it was, we couldn't decide what to eat, the kids went with pizza and my Hubby got us a Brazilian sandwich and fries from the Churrasco Truck. Everything was good! And, don't forget the adult drinks, Margaritas for sure!  

I even got the cutest ostriches for the kids! It was a good Saturday for us all. Filled with lots of fun, some tears, and minimal tantrums- for the parents that is!   

We also stayed busy on Sunday when we attended a family birthday party, visited my in-laws and ate some crawfish at our new favorite local restaurant, Crawfish N'More.  Phew! 

What did you do this weekend??

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