Friday, March 4, 2016

::CHI Houston Latina Bloggers Event Recap::

::Momma Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farouk Systems & Lopez Marketing. All opinions and statements are my own. 

When I used to think of CHI, I thought of, obviously;  my curly "untamable" mane, a long-standing reputation and great smelling products. Now, when I think about it, I think about community, a commitment to quality and reinvention that fits the time. Houston Latina Bloggers were invited to take a tour and learn all about Farouk Systems as well as meet the CEO of CHI, Basim Shami, son of Farouk Shami. I didn't know how inspiring the moment would be but I truly felt an instant connection with the brand's purpose and future goals.

The facility aside from being fully equipped to produce high-end, eco-friendly products is also almost fully staffed by Latinos. That alone makes me feel a wonderful sense of belonging. Farouk Systems recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Latino community which led to the company cutting any ties to Donald Trump, which is definitely admirable. That paired with Farouk systems involvement in education created a new-found inspiration to continue to support the company and their products. 

Not only was I in awe of their efficient production line, their passion for education and the Latino community but also their constant commitment to creating new products. Their upcoming lines promise to be different and just as great as everything they produce now. We received a sneak peek at these products, how they plan to bring them out over the next year or so and how each product was created. Wish I could share more but I can't so follow CHI and their social media sites for all the upcoming reveals and products lines. 

The event was filled with so much information, so many goodies, a great lunch and, of course, silly moments where we were able to see the behind the scenes of all things CHI. It was an amazing experience and am happy that our group was selected to attend. I have since opened all my products and began exploring items that I didn't know they had such as the tea tree oil products. As well as items I have never tried like the dry shampoo, which is my new favorite item. You can read all about these items on their site: 

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