Friday, April 29, 2016

::Things to consider when making Big Decisions::

A couple of weeks ago I received an email, one that I truly wasn't expecting. I was accepted to participate in the Mujeres de HACE, Women in Leadership program. While it was a huge honor and I felt overwhelmed and excited. There would be a cost for the program. I immediately wrote it off as, "it's not gonna happen" but then I "placed it out in the universe" and the magic began. Through a facebook post, I expressed my feelings and concerns. I received so many comments and so much encouragement that I began to think, this might just happen! 

{Only a few of  the 33 comments, full post here.}

After seeing the awesome facebook feedback, I thought, I need to go home and really talk to my Husband and see what he thinks. I sent him the email I received for him to review, he is the logic and financial person in our relationship. I thought, he won't see the value, he will think it's a waste of my money, he will write it off as "eh do you really want to do this?" and I will be persuaded to move on. That didn't happen at all. I came home, asked my Husband, what do you think? He began to tell me how it would be a relevant program, and that it would be up to me, if I wanted to do it, then go for it. Not what I expected. 

Then I asked HACE for types of payment options I had for the program and the wonderful administrative team suggested I ask my employer and sent me a letter to ask them for possible funding. I was a bit intimidated having only been at my company for about 9 months but moved forward. And, I've received good, positive feedback from my manager. I am still waiting on higher-ups to decide if they can help but still, I had the faith and courage to ask and I feel that's the first step to success. Plus my co-worker and immediate managers' response was so supportive I felt so good about having asked. 

With this experience I know will come great responsibility but as always I want to share this journey with all the Momma's that read my blog and seek to be inspired. 

What have I learned so far? Well, you must... 

::Claim your ticket:: 
Opportunities come to you for a reason, whether expected or not we should claim our tickets and figure out what we need to do to succeed in those opportunities. Sure, you should weigh out the pros and cons but know that this is yours, and you deserve it! Claim it! Speak it into existence and have faith that you will find your way.  Somebody once told  me, "Connie if this is for you, it's already yours." Those words have been with me for years... because it's true. Anything that is truly and genuinely meant for you, is already written into your future, you just have to take it and run! 

::Take Care of You::
The same night that I talked to my Hubby about this program was the same night of the new show 'Strong'. One of the contests said that same old story of mommas everywhere... "I became too invested in caring for others, that I often forget to take care of myself." After I cried my face out, I thought, this program is all about taking care of ME. As a Momma with a career and who wants to be a certain example for her family and most importantly for my daughter, I must take care of me! No more putting ourselves on the back burner... because you will be burned out. 

::Invest in You::
Just like a well-oiled business, your are a brand and a business for your company, you must invest in bettering yourself and learning more for the benefit of everyone. Sure it can seem like a lot of time and money but in the long run, it's so worth it. Spending on yourself isn't only about clothes and shoes, it's also about feeding your mind and motivating your soul. I am sure we can find "better" things to spend our money on but we can also waste it on those things that have no real value, so why not invest in yourself. You must put a little effort into being a better you, even if it costs you. 

::Own It::
Not like "Yay, I did it" but YES, this is mine and I will slay! You know that moment Beyonce walks on stage and you know she is gonna be a badass, well she knew that before taking the first step onto that stage. That natural vibe of certainty is where you want to be. That confidence that yes, THIS IS MINE. I deserve it, I will own it and I will be a badass. It's already yours if you are sitting in the moment and experience, no one can take it from you and don't allow the outside world to take it from you. It's none of their business, it's yours! 

::Fully Commit:: 
There is nothing that hurts me more than people who are like yes, I can and will do this but then a few days later they have more important commitments or other priorities. I know things happen and people's lives change from one second to another, but if you have been accepted into a certain path, why not fully commit? Why not erase self-doubt and stop making excuses? Just like we have made sacrifices, invested money and weighed out the good and the bad to accept the opportunity; those people presenting us with the opportunity have done the same. They have fit you into their schedule so why not commit to doing the same for them? So yes, please fully commit to those things that will be beneficial to your well-being and in the long wrong to your overall quality of life. 

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