Wednesday, April 27, 2016

::A Book about Rules & a Motivational Mug:: #KickAss

Last week seemed to get better by the days, it was almost like our PR reps knew we were gonna be home all week! Our second product was another book, this one was one about rules. Ian is a rule follower and his Sister Jenny, not so much. We loved it, the book teaches the importance of yes, following rules but knowing when to bend the rules. Even if it means telling lies to save your Sister from a giant tub with teeth, an angry furnace, and a bear rug! Ha. Bizzare. Not if you follow the rules. It came with the cutest toothbrush holder and a white erase board to write our own house rules down. 

The kids did a great job at listing our usual rules. Camila tried to help me write it all down. Rules of the House comes out May 3rd, you will want to buy it for your collection. Because we all know...rules are meant to be.... followed! 

By the end of the week, I had received this beautiful motivational mug I purchased from Bliss on Main, a great local shop. It will definitely be my morning go to mug when I need that extra pick me up!  We all need that little reminder to Kick Ass every now and again. 

And finally, this past weekend we received the deliciously fresh Tekeen, a "premium line of cocktails made with agave nectar, orange wine and natural flavors for an exotic and fresh taste." My favorite part about this drink is that it's made in Texas. If you know me you should know that I love supporting local or Texas created products. Who else knows Tejanos better than a native Tejana. Full review next week. All I can say now is that it smells so sweet and light, I can't wait to make some fruity drinks with this liquor and share my creations with you! 

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